Apple Announces Final Cut Pro X

Peter Steinauer, FCP Architect, demos the new interface. Image courtesy Eric Reagan of Photography Bay. Click the image to go to his post.

Updated below.

Lots of questions remain, but things are gonna change. Among the biggest news: Mac App Store only, at $299. I wonder what the education pricing will be.

Eric Reagan of Photography Bay blogged it live, and has some follow up in the comments, so scan them all.

Macworld has an initial report.

A first response from Scott Simmons at Pro Video Coalition.

Even more reflections, which I believe to be informed opinion, from highly regarded FCP trainer Larry Jordan and from Philip Hodgetts, another trainer and industry observer.

Both Jordan and Hodgetts were among the group that saw the preliminary demo in February, with comments embargoed by NDAs. They’ve both built their businesses and reputations on deep knowledge of the industry and Apple and FCP’s place in it. They’re not wild-eyed boosters, in other words. Interesting, interesting.

UPDATE: More from Larry Jordan here, in his post The Sound of 1,700 Jaws Dropping. He also includes a massive screenshot of this screen from FCPX. Click on this thumbnail to see the large view:

A closeup view of the new FCP interface, provided to Larry Jordan by Apple. Click on the image to see the full-size 2740 x 1468 resolution image.
[Image courtesy Apple Inc. Click for enlarged view.]