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w00t! Eight Years Old!

I missed the date! DV for Teachers turned eight last month. From the formerly free blogs at Userland to my current version using WordPress hosted at Joyent, I’ve linked to and written about making and using multimedia for education. C'mon, sing Happy Birthday. Through the years I’ve gone through slack blogging periods and some busy ones and learned some html and css trying to customize things. Though I’ve emphasized use of the Mac, I’ve tried to point out good tools that would work on Windows as well. I could never cover everything, and of course I could cover less more thoroughly, but this thing has always been rather ad hoc. I post about what I find or what I think of when it’s in front of me. I suppose more of a plan would be nice… my friend Stefan and I often talk about having a plan, and how useful that would be. It’s really become a sort of diary and memory bank, and once in a while I go through some of the older posts and realize how much the technology has changed and how much I’ve changed.

So please wish DV for Teachers a happy birthday! I think of this as a renewed commitment to blogging on technology and multimedia for anyone who teaches.

Spring Brake

Lots of things to catch up on – I’ve saved several drafts I want to get back to, five just this morning, from sites I’ve found in the last week or so, since my last post – and I’ll take a break from the web for a day or two. I have to do email here at work of course, but the edit room and some overdue projects there call me. The biggest issue there is audio dropout in a multi-camera shoot. The tape with the two-shot of a conversation also has the main audio, and there are several places where words and parts of words just disappear, along with the time code, but there are no breaks in the video. Odd, and Final Cut just doesn’t like it. I’ve tried capturing with iMovie but FC doesn’t like to import those files either. I’ll keep at it and report back here.

And then I’ll finish updating the site, and catch up on the many many many drafts I haven’t posted, and keep up with my video projects, and work on more workshops, and continue to add features and fine tune the lab iMacs and MacBooks – including adding Windows via VMWare on one for a test case – and continue to learn more about Photoshop, add more storage to the XServe, and there’s always more which is good.

Ooh Shiny

I’ve upgraded the back end of DV for Teachers with the latest WordPress. I’ve changed to a new look, and it’s going to take some tweaking: I need to update the default blogroll for one thing, fix the background color on the Categories and Archives menus up top for another, unify the color scheme of links pre- and post-visit, as well as come up with (at least one) new header graphic.

All this will be fun. For me, any way.

BabelFish Good Wishes


A dear friend sent this:

To celebrate I translated your post into Chinese at Babel Fish and then translated it back into English:

“My blogging about multimedia is the educationalist six years. Each blog progresses the work, with therefore me never will complete this, or will cause it to consummate. But I will continue to try to discover and to post teacher and the study which the idea and the resources will help any type makes the digital medium each their life effective part. Thank studies!”

I love the web.

Will Richardson’s Weblogg-ed

Will Richardson is a vanguard edublogger, and I discovered (in an overdue visit to his site) that he’s converted to WordPress. Yet another high-profile blogger converts to this excellent open-source system, with a phenomenally active and (critical, this) newbie-friendly community. So much easier to find guidance and examples than it was with Manila. I’ll endlessly repeat my gratitude to Userland for the five years of free hosting that got me started in blogging, but their product just hasn’t kept pace.