Teacher Layoffs Mean School Turmoil

I am sick of the false economy of punishing schools and schoolchildren because politicians don’t have the guts to ask people to pay what things actually cost. Year after year, school budgets get hammered and kids suffer, and then teachers and school systems get the blame.

Teacher Layoffs Cause Concern Over Turmoil in Schools – NYTimes.com.

But school superintendents say the consequences of sweeping layoffs are often overlooked in the policy debate. Layoffs, they say, hurt school cohesion, undermine student achievement and rupture ties with parents.Im getting nauseous just remembering, said Barbara Byrd-Bennett, who as the Cleveland superintendent in the last decade had to make draconian teacher cuts. The result was devastating for our classrooms.

It’s Special

Thrown together quickly to demonstrate finding images at Creative Commons as well as Photoshop's Clone Stamp tool, layers, and bacon

I was asked some months ago to do a Photoshop workshop for rhetoric students assigned to make a “Visual Argument.” The idea was to produce a composite image that made an argument, but ideally without text. The assumption was that the students would know little or nothing about Photoshop. Taking bits from different images with the Clone Stamp Tool and layering them would introduce not only that tool but working with Brushes, including the Eraser tool, Layers, some blending modes, as well as learning to navigate the notorious Photoshop interface(s). Digging through an older folder to clean out some cruft I came across this demo file, and realized it’s too good not to share.

Extra photo and video storage for iPad – Mac OS X Hints

image courtesy Pocket-Lint http://www.pocket-lint.com/review/4854/apple-ipad-camera-connection-kit

How cool is this – add storage space for media to your iPad!

I have discovered, after reading a hard-to-find hint elsewhere on the web, that photos and videos can be stored on an SD card, and imported with the SD card adapter in the Camera Connection Kit, as long as the filenames are in a recognised format. The original hint I found suggested that just naming the files correctly would work but I found that the files need to be in a specific folder to be recognised.

via Extra photo and video storage for iPad – Mac OS X Hints.

Make Your Mac’s Help Window Behave

This is among the most disruptive aspects of Mac OS X, especially for switchers: the Help window that stays on top of all the other windows, no matter what. I cannot understand why this is the default behavior. Good news, however, from Macworld:

Fortunately, its possible to switch the Help Viewer to whats called Dev Mode, which makes its window behave like any other window in OS Xif you switch to another app, the Help Viewer will recede into the background.

Hooray for Mac OS X Hints, or more precisely, its reader vczilla, for figuring out how to change this to sensible behavior. I saw it there, and Macworld reposted it to reach a wider audience.

New 64 bit Final Cut Pro? | Philip Hodgetts

Will FCS go 64-bit, and what will that mean?

Philip Hodgetts, long a Final Cut authority, asks if the rumors about a new 64 bit Final Cut Pro might be true and speculates on what that would mean. It’s only speculation, and the comments include lots of wishful thinking, but it’s informed speculation. After the unveiling of the new iMovie for iPad and the praise it’s had, there’s apparent reason for anticipation.

Aspect Ratios: History and Workflows

Images of frame size comparisons, a framing chart, and Panavision anamorphic lenses from the article

Creative COW is the odd acronym for “Creative Communities of the World,” an online community where established pros in filma and video come to learn, teach, and share information about the ever-changing world of moving image production, post-production, and exhibition. The author of the article linked below, for example, created the trailers for James Cameron’s Avatar. At the proper forum on the same site, you can find basic help regarding iMovie or Windows Movie Maker.

The particular article I’m linking here, called Relax, and Quit Bluffing: Aspect Ratios and Workflows, offers a history of the different frame sizes for feature film production and exhibition from the invention of film through the contemporary use of digital SLR still cameras for capturing high-definition video. You don’t have to be deeply into the history of technology to appreciate this; knowing how current standards evolved will only help you better grasp where they may be going.

Excellent FCP Resource: I’m Not Bruce

I'm Not Bruce's blog logo. He's an enthusiast, with a great eye for detail and a good way of explaining things. Bookmark him or subscribe to his feed

Thanks to a link in my daily Studio Daily e-newsletter, I’ve found Walker Ferox, a.k.a. I’m Not Bruce.

Who’s Bruce?

Not me. Seriously.

This blog is basically my little electronic notebook where I just jot down things I’d like to remember about Apple’s Final Cut Studio since it’s such a complex package. Little tips, hints, tutorials, urls for helpful things, etc…

I’m Not Bruce is the best new (new to me) FCP-related site I’ve seen in ages. If you use Final Cut, this should be a regular read.

Updated to add actual links to I’m Not Bruce. Which would have been nice in the original post.

Regain the Timeline in iMovie ’11

iMovie keeps improving

Well, here’s some good news. It’ll only work on the latest iMovie announced yesterday, which means a $49 upgrade or the purchase of a new Mac, but it’s good nonetheless.

When Apple radically changed iMovie between the ‘06 and ‘08 releases, one of the biggest criticisms was the abandonment of the traditional editing timeline. [] Well, if you’ve been pining for a “real” timeline, it’s time to re-evaluate iMovie ‘11. With a couple of clicks, you can have it back. Here’s how.

This is very welcome. The difficulty of adjusting to the no-timeline interface, and its audio limitations, has meant that I install the older iMovie on all the newer Macs I configure. That may no longer be necessary. I’ll have to get my hands on iMovie ‘11 and play with it to know for sure though.

Via TidBITS Media Creation for posting this.