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Academix 2011


There is at least one presentation from this gathering I’ll be following up on:

Using mobile and social media for research and teaching
John Gallaugher, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Information Systems, The Carroll School of Management, Boston College

Full of good ideas for using mobile and social media to foster more involvement with students, including a class wiki from day one, a hall of fame for best student work accessible to students as examples of successful work, submitting questions and answers for exams so they can guide and raise the bar for each other. Very stimulating and provocative, and it’s implemented and successful already.

A big issue, though: as a previous presenter said, and as any reading educator will tell you, competence, much less expertise, requires regular practice. For more faculty to adopt and implement these practices will require time, and that time must be allowed and encouraged by chairs, deans, provosts, and other administrators.

The details of this mini-conference are at MacLearning.org. More good things to come, because they’re going to post video and supporting materials there within a couple of weeks. Good.