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Extra photo and video storage for iPad – Mac OS X Hints

image courtesy Pocket-Lint http://www.pocket-lint.com/review/4854/apple-ipad-camera-connection-kit

How cool is this – add storage space for media to your iPad!

I have discovered, after reading a hard-to-find hint elsewhere on the web, that photos and videos can be stored on an SD card, and imported with the SD card adapter in the Camera Connection Kit, as long as the filenames are in a recognised format. The original hint I found suggested that just naming the files correctly would work but I found that the files need to be in a specific folder to be recognised.

via Extra photo and video storage for iPad – Mac OS X Hints.

‘My iPad Enterprise Rollout: 5 Surprises’

On vacation but this needs to be posted before I go offline.


Inkling – Interactive textbooks for iPad.

Inkling turns textbooks into multimedia, with annotations and social commenting available.

Inkling is definitely going to shake things up. iPad only.